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Learn a new profession and find a remote job anywhere!

What are we?

"Go Remote" platform is one of 8 international projects funded in 2021 by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Unemployment. It is a collaboration between partners from 7 countries: Latvia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Iceland, Norway and Finland

What we offer?


Acquire newest and most demanded skills in short period of time and get yourself a normal job from home!


Search for or enter your own newest remote job vacancies!


1 on 1 interviews between motivated job seekers and employers to help you find a job or employee in 5 minutes!

Advice Hub

Two books - for employers and job seekers! Read and find out more about remote work!

Remote work Speed-dating

This will be your opportunity to meet and find common ground with employers during your job search. And all this - without getting up from your couch!

Chance to find a job in 5 minutes

1:1 interviews between motivated job seekers and employers. Each conversation takes 5 minutes - just in time to understand, if you fit each other!

For youth - event is free!

Good opportunity to meet many companies in one day. Save your time and do it fast and for free!


You will not have to leave your house, because the event will be online. Our algorithm will match you with most appropriate companies for you!

These companies have found new employees with our help:

Cabot Latvia
Jaunatnes Starptautisko programmu aģentūra
Delfin group
Allnex Latvia
Citrus Solutions


Advice Hub

Find inspiration and advice from virtual books on remote work!

We have developed two book series with valuable articles to support job seekers in their work and lifestyle journeys when working remotely, as well as providing useful tips for employers on how to successfully manage remote processes and teams. Dive into the Advice Hub books and find answers to your questions!

About project

"Go Remote" platform is one of 8 international projects funded in 2021 by EEA fund for Youth Unemployment. Grants: /

"Go Remote" explores the remote and hybrid work as a tool for helping young people in rural areas. And during this project we aim to develop trainings for remote and hybrid workers, as well as to help young people to find employment. Our aim is to teach at least 2000 youngsters into professionals and to find job for at least 2000 young people from rural areas.

Our Partners:


Olemisen Balanssia ry
Keilir Academy
New Sustainable Generation
One Terrene International
Participation Agency
Visas Iespējas

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