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Learn a new profession and find a remote job anywhere!

What are we?

"Go Remote" platform is one of 8 international projects funded in 2021 by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Unemployment. It is a collaboration between partners from 7 countries: Latvia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Iceland, Norway and Finland

What are you looking for?



Find exciting job offers and cool companies



Find the best candidates from all over Europe



Publish vacancies

We will announce your vacancy to our 12000 monthly users and will create personalized Facebook and Instagram posts for our 6000 followers to see.



We offer you to be at ease while we are helping you to find best candidates from our wide youth audience using e-mail, social networks, network of youth organizations and asynchronous video interviews!



We will be glad to see you join other more than 80 companies with whom we collaborate organizing job "Speed-dating" events as well as training events in unique projects. Discussions with influencers? Digital bootcamp? Sure - we can do adapt to your needs!


Public branding

We will make you memorable for young people through blogs, video and event TikTok campaigns! We are opened for targeted, common work to emphasize advantages of your company and plan the best campaigns!

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