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Watch the lectures from our online conference Go remote: Explore the potential of remote work possibilities!

“Go Remote: Explore the potential of remote work opportunities!” is a 2 day online conference that happened from 7th-8th of September with an aim to explain remote work for those who want to get into it either as future remote workers or as employers.

During the conference, there were guest speakers from different countries, experts and specialists of remote work. On the 1st day of the conference, we explored the topic “Remote work - from A to Z”, while on the 2nd day of the conference the focus was on the topic “Remote work - a step toward the future”.

The “Go remote: Unlocking the potential of remote job opportunities!“ project benefits from a € 1.168.039 grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway.

Scroll down to see the program of the conference and watch the session recordings with translations in Croatian, Bulgarian and Latvian languages!

day 1

day 2


Conference opening

Gustavs Mārtiņš Upmanis, Vilhelms Karlsons

Remote work - future of the job market

Marcelo Lebre

How to become a remote worker: from A to Z

Engjelina Hyseni

How I ran a six figure business from my Land Rover Defender while traveling the world

Fabian Dittrich

Expanding horizons

Austris Cirulnieks


Practical tips for standing out between other remote job-searchers

Gustavs Mārtiņš Upmanis

Finding work-life balance

Maruta Ignatoviča

Success stories from abroad

Stanislav Yordanov

Success stories from abroad

Nikolina Dlab


Remote work - future of the work or employer's worst nightmare?

Gonçalo Hall

How to lead teams remotely?

Jānis Strods

The art of collaborating in the new world of work

Emily Hinks

Past, present and future of remote work!

Rowena Hennigan


Remote work - an opportunity in the face of crisis and social inequality

Tracy Keogh

Success stories from abroad: Latvia

Alise Sterniniece

Success stories from abroad: Bulgaria

Petar Dzhuganski

Success stories from abroad: Croatia

Siniša Valentić

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