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About MatchWork

A place to find your work "match" in 1-3 weeks

Instead of countless CVs and motivation letters, create one profile on the platform

Everything in one place - job adverts, applications and online interviews

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Process of MatchWork:

1. Registration. You need to create your jobseeker profile, including your experience, skills and preferences.

2. Algorithm. Based on your profile, the All Opportunities algorithm will select the most suitable vacancies for you.

3. Swiping. You choose which vacancies and internships you like.

4. Match. The employer sees that you are interested in the company's vacancy. If the interest was mutual, a work "match" is made.

5. Interview time. After the work match, you can choose when to meet for an online interview on our platform.

Most of the vacancies are in:

  • digital marketing,
  • data entry,
  • customer support

(of course, vacancies are also available in other sectors).

"MatchWork" will be international, with companies and job seekers from Bulgaria, Croatia, and Cyprus.

Contact us in case of any questions!

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More than 80 companies have participated already, including:

About “Go Remote”:

This time, MatchWork is part of the Go Remote project.

Go Remote is one of 8 international projects funded by the EEA Youth Unemployment Fund in 2021. Grants: /

"Go Remote is a pilot project that - through motivation and training - helps young people across Latvia to find jobs and work remotely. During this project we aim to provide: free training, remote job offers, career mentoring and innovative solutions for job interviews.

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