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How Not to Feel Isolated: A Guide for Employers with Remote Teams

Sep 1, 2022

Working remotely can be like navigating a new planet – exciting but sometimes a bit lonely. As employers, it's up to us to build bridges (or WiFi connections) that keep our remote teams feeling just as involved and jubilant as our on-site folks. Here are some top-notch strategies to keep the remote work experience as lively and engaging as a team-building retreat!

Perk It Up with a Co-Working Space Stipend

Think about the perks you offer your in-office team – coffee that’s actually good, those tasty catered lunches, maybe even yoga classes where everyone pretends they're flexible. Why not extend similar love to your remote team? A stipend for a co-working space or coffee shop workdays can turn their isolation into a productive fiesta! And hey, sprucing up their home office can make it their favorite café – minus the barista misspelling their name.

Virtual Hangouts: Not Just Another Meeting

No, we’re not suggesting another dreary meeting. Transform those calendar slots into exciting virtual hangouts! Picture this: everyone sipping their tea or coffee, sharing stories, or maybe a 'lunch and learn' session where knowledge is the main course. It's about making those digital connections as warm and fuzzy as in-person ones.

Quarterly Visits: Beyond the Screen

Bring your remote warriors into the fold with regular trips to HQ or a common location. It’s a chance for them to mingle, build networks, and sync up with the team vibe. For those scattered across the globe, how about mini-retreats in regional hubs? It’s a little like family reunions, but with less awkward small talk and more productive brainstorming.

The Annual Bash: All-Company Events

Who doesn’t love a grand party? A yearly all-company retreat can be a game-changer. It’s like summer camp but for grown-ups. Workshops, team-building, and fun – it's the ultimate antidote to remote work blues. Think of it as an investment in happiness (and productivity). Trust us, it’s worth every penny.

Inclusion in Meetings: The Little Things Matter

Ever been on a call where you felt like a ghost? Let's not do that to our remote team. Include video links in all invites, and if there's an in-person gang, why not have them join the call from their laptops? It prevents those pesky side chats and makes everyone feel like they're in the room – virtually at least.

In the realm of remote work, loneliness can be as sneaky as missing your mouth while sipping coffee during a video call. As employers, we're the party planners, the bridge builders, and sometimes, the virtual shoulder to lean on. By implementing these strategies, we can make remote work feel less like solitary confinement and more like a dynamic, inclusive, and thriving community.

Source of inspiration: OwlLabs

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